I became fascinated by space, texture and detail while studying Three Dimensional Design at Art College and was really inspired by the abstract quality that my mentor, Ralph Koltai, Associate at the Royal Shakespeare Company, brought to his designs for the theatre.

Throughout my career in theatre and television, model making and sketching have played a significant part in the design process. Designing for the screen involves experimenting with shape, form and space, very often in model form, as a design evolves. This experimentation has been the foundation for my recent artwork.

I enjoy mixing surfaces and textures to create an innovative outcome using found objects as well as paper, card and metal. I am very interested in photography, particularly abstract detail in architecture, natural forms and textures. In my photography, I look for the obscure and the unusual angle, rather than a straightforward image. I enjoy working with these photographs as a starting point, abstracting shapes and playing with texture and scale until I have created a completely new piece of artwork.